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Astro Branding

Would you like to have a brand that truly reflects the core essence of who you and your business truly are in the world?

Would you like a custom brand that is based on more than a nice colour scheme or what is the latest trend?

Would you like to have a truly soul-aligned brand?


One of the questions I get asked a lot is:

“what colours should I use in my branding to align with my astrology chart?”

This isn’t an easy question to answer but it is one that I work through with my Astro Branding.

How I choose colours for clients.

When I work with clients I consider their Sun sign (their core essence), their rising sign (how others see them) and their soul clients in order to ensure that the colours they choose for their branding reflect who they are, what other’s love about them and the energy of the people they are most meant to serve and therefore want to attract.

  • Understand your Core Essence and how it’s linked to your Sun Sign.

  • Discover how you show up in the world so your brand can truly reflect who you and your business are.

  • The brand colours, vibe and brand voice you should communicate with to shine best in your business.

Astro Branding will help you:
  • Have the confidence to show up as the true version of yourself and your business.

  • Stop being who you think you should be, or trying to play a role that doesn’t fit and instead be who you are meant to be.

  • Understand what others simply LOVE about you and how to align your brand and business with this drawcard for business growth.

  • Connect more deeply with your soul clients without having to complete long ideal client questionnaires!

  • Provide you with the direction to confidently engage a designer to brand (or rebrand) your business.

  • Create your own branding with a custom colour palette and mood board to start the process.

Astonomical Clock

The framework considers:

  • Your Business Essence - how you shine and your purpose in the world.

  • Your Charm - How others see you and how to show up as an authentic version of this and draw them to you.

  • Your Connection - How you can connect most authentically with your soul clients through an aligned brand voice and copy.

  • Your Soul Clients - Who your soul clients actually are (this might surprise you) and how to reflect this in your brand so that they are magnetized to you.

  • Any other significant archetypes that need to be part of your aligned brand.

What are you waiting for?
Reach out to me today to bring your website to life!
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