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Why you need consistent branding?

Updated: May 20

“Branding is simply about creating a slogan and a logo that millions of people will recognize and remember.”

Brand consistency is at the root of your business’s identity. It encompasses all aspects of your marketing—from messaging to design, how you communicate, and everything in between!

Why is maintaining that “image” and stability in branding so important to your customers? Shouldn’t they just know and trust you right off the bat?

1. Consistent branding makes you memorable

Repetition is the reason why flashcards, lists, and pneumonic devices are so effective—the more often people see, hear, or experience something, the better. In fact, the age-old marketing “rule of seven” still rings true today in that people need to see, hear, or read something at least seven times before recalling it.

3. Brand consistency builds awareness brand recognition

71% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product or service from a brand they recognize. If a customer was choosing between two products—one from a brand they recognized and one from a brand they had never heard of or seen before, they’re probably going to go with the brand they know.

3. Brand consistency builds awareness

Brand and marketing consistency helps to build awareness that allows customers to easily and immediately recognize your brand.

4. Consistency in marketing can increase revenue

Did you know that the average revenue increase attributed to brand consistency is 23%? And choosing consistent brand colors can increase recognition by up to 80%! Giving your customers a reliable experience with consistent voice and tone will help to bring new and returning customers to your business more frequently—which drives more sales.

Need I say more?

How authentic is your brand? Is it aligned with reality? Are you delivering your brand promise consistently?

Share with me in the comments your thoughts on the brands that are most consistent in delivering on their brand promise.




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