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Let’s create a brand & website people
can’t stop talking about it
(& neither can you)


It’s time to retire the Canva logo you only sorta liked in the first place and elevate your brand with custom hand-crafted brand guidelines that will completely transform the face of your business. 

Website Design

I design on Wix and Shopify to ensure you have a stunning website that you love and gives your ideal clients that, “I need to work with her” feeling regularly.

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Astro Branding

Custom branding and website design, day rate services, and template customization that reflect the unique purpose and personality of your one-of-a-kind business.

Wix Consulting & Support

Wix Consulting & Support

Often times clients come to me with existing Wix websites that they have questions on or need help figuring out how to edit and add the features desired. I offer Wix Consulting over the phone, or video call, so that you can quickly get your questions answered. 

Here are just a few examples of how I can help:

  • Setting up ecommerce functionality so you can take payments through your Wix website

  • Wix Design – I can help show you where you can change fonts, colors, backgrounds, slideshows etc

  • Wix Website Launch – I can help you launch your site

  • Wix SEO – I can consult with you on how to best optimize your website so it  can be found in searches

  • General Wix Troubleshooting – running into a problem? I can help you fix or troubleshoot it. 

Click on BOOK NOW so we can discuss your needs.

I am happy to work with you over the phone, and we can also do screenshares, that way I can walk you through and train you how to customize your Wix website design. 

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