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① Advanced Shopify Customization:


What I can do within this service:

  • Layout modification.

  • Sliders modification. 

  • Formatting Content.

  • Custom menu.

  • Font changes. 

  • Coding Changes. 

  • Fixing Responsive issues. 

  • Integrating New Features and any Advanced customization you need. 


*** Please send us an inquiry before ordering this service. The price may vary depending on the customization you need.

② Full Website Development:

What I can do within this service:

  • Setting-up of up to 5-10 pages with your desired content and images. 

  • Adding a Website's Name. 

  • Uploading Logo.

  • Customizing Font, Size & Colors based on client's requirements.

  • Setting up social media icons and URLs. 

  • Setting up Contact Form. 

  • Setting up Desired Navigation Menu/Tab. 

  • Fixing Any Responsive Issues. 

  • Fixing Any Cross-Browser Issues. 

  • Creating a Full Backup.

** You need to purchase a premium template first. We will develop the website based on that template.

Online Shopping
Organized Desk

Need More Work?


  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool Setup.

  • 2 Built-in Payment Method Setup.

  • 2 Built-in Shipping Method Setup.

  • Upload 20 Products with Images.

  • Upload 10 Products with Images.

Briefing Details:

  1. Domain Name.

  2. Shopify Login info.

  3. Logo (png/PSD format).

  4. Desired Color and font choices.

  5. Theme's documentation and XML file.

  6. Desired Menu Items.

  7. Image and content - All your contents should be on a doc file with clear instructions provided. Images should be in a separate folder.

  8. A brief including description of needs, goals, ideas. Please be descriptive of what you need.

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